February Meeting
on Tuesday, February 9 at 3:00 pm at Sheep River Library.
Please note the new 3 pm time!

Turner Valley Oilfield Society Meeting Minutes
January 11, 2016

In attendance: Earl Martin, Sharlene Brown, Al Lambert, Larry Kapustka

1. Chair Earl Martin Called meeting to Order 3.13 pm
2. Complete and approve agenda- Sharlene Brown
3. Approve previous minutes with amendments of spelling errors- Larry Kapustka
4. Alberta Culture Report:
Earl gave verbal report re Alberta Culture
Plant construction- Status Quo
Anticipated Provincial Budget – 3 week March
Letter to AB Culture December 2015, but at this time no response to date
5. Application to Calgary Foundation
Update from Larry K. The working group meet with Eva Friessen with the Calgary Foundation, on initial meeting it looked like the application process was in “good shape”. Jason Bates will be our point of contact with review and assistance in the Calgary foundation application
Draft proposal will be put together and forwarded Early Feb.
Mick M will need to confirm figures for budget piece
The focus of the Calgary Foundation Grant will be on Board Skill Development and bringing the Society to a place where they can be in a position to provide operational tours on a seasonal basis.
Donna Elkow Nash has confirmed that she will work with society and possible previous website design for potential new website.
Sharlene will do a brief history of where the society has been for the Grant application
Lead working group will be Mick M, Larry K, David F, and new addition of Al Lambert
Work on an external communication plan should include
Website Development
Board Development
Strategic planning
Tours and other historic development
The internal communication and skeleton of plan should be in place by spring 2016.
Task group for communication should be set up and include the previous web designer- Helmut @webby.com and Donna Elkow Nash

Key activities for grant application need to include board development, creating positive impact, and sustain that impact- which will give the society oversite and readiness to take the society to the next level.
6. Bylaws:
A Standard operating procedure should be created, which would include job descriptions for each position.
Larry K will provide starting point for SOP
7. Task force to maintain the TVOS website- Donna Elkow Nash reporting in to Larry K
8. Board Development training
a. On hold until Application for funding granted to Calgary Foundation
9. E Banking- defer to later meeting, not necessary at this point in time
10. George Webber display at Sheep River Library
a. Move ahead with the photography show, Sharlene to follow up with fact finding re insurance and what is needed, then someone else needs to take lead
11. Jack Bowman Park
a. Need to involve Town of Turner Valley and Town Council
b. Rod Mundy will be point on contact.
12. Hells Half Acre Logo
a. Rebranding may be a consideration

December minutes and AGM still to come.

Turner Valley Oilfield Society Meeting Minutes
November 24 2015
Sheep River Library
In attendance: Earl Martin, Sharlene Brown, Larry Kapaustka, Mick Mulloy, David Finch, Jim McCreary, Rod Mumby, Joy Hinman,

1. Call to order- Chair Earl Martin

2. Complete and approve agenda- Additions Alternative Meeting Methods, Transfer of Financial Records Moved Jim McCreary- Carried
3. Approve minutes of Oct 27 2015 meeting,
Moved David Finch- Carried

4. Jack Bowman Park Presentation- Power Point attached. – Small group of people interested in working with Turner Valley Golf Course and the Society to set up rest area in conjunction with a possible pathway which would be on the South side of the Turner Valley Golf Club overlook the Sheep River to the North- Group discussion if a project such as this takes away from the mandate of the Society. No decision at this point- working group should be set up.
Presentation in PDF Format (1.7 MB, takes a while to download)

5. Alberta Culture Report- Construction Status update- Chair Earl Martin gave a brief update on the plant site progress. All Construction Completion Certificates have been granted from the Town.

6. Glenbow Pickup- Nov 23 2015- Update on the artificat and record pick up. It was determined that the Glenbow was not really interested in many of the Society records that have been stored at the Gas Plant. To this point the Province and operators of the plant site have graciously let the Society continue to store the boxes of records at the plant site.

7. Artifacts- Any Charitable Receipts issued- To the knowledge of the members of the Society, only one charitable tax Receipt was issued for a painting in 2005. The painting is currently housed in the Town office of Turner Valley (we think). To the knowledge of the board of directors no charitable tax Receipt have been issued for artifacts at the plant site.

8. Parks Canada Grant Application for 2017- deadline for submission by Dec 04 2015- Accept for information- Moved Sharlene Brown- Carried

9. Application to the Calgary Foundation
a. Two options to apply Organization Transformation Grants and Community Grants
a.i. Deadline Feb 15 2016 for the Community Grants
Small working group set up to explore Calgary Foundation funding for board development
Members included Larry Kapaustka, David Finch, Mick Mulloy
These members will update Society on regular basis.
10. Alternative meeting methods- if necessary it may be an idea that TVOS explore alternative meeting methods such as conference calls and utilizing other methods of newer technology in case there are issues with the face to face meeting opportunities.

11. Transfers of Financial Records- Sharlene and Larry to organize the transfer of the Financial Records and complete the new signing authorities.

Next meeting January 21 3.00 pm Sheep River Library
Motion to Adjourn- 5 pm

TVOS meeting Minutes Oct 27, 2015

Turner Valley Oilfields Society
Regular Meeting, Oct 27 2015
In attendance: David Finch, Alex Hatcher, Rick Green, Earl Martin, Al Lamben, Rod Mumby, Sharlene Brown, Jim McCreary, Joy Hinman, Mick Mulloy, Clinton Tippet, Bob Sargeant

Meeting Called to Order- Chair Earl Martin
Approval of Agenda as amended
• Canada 150 grant- Heritage Canada
• Park Idea with observation point
• History Info
• Black Diamond Town Representives
Approval of Minutes from July 4 2015 – Joy Hinman
Status of Construction of TVGP: Rick Green and Alexandra Hatcher from the AB Culture and Historic sites gave the society a very comprehensive update on the status of the reconstruction of the Gas Plant Site, and as well as their take on the provincial budget and subsequent impacts on the Gas Plant. The office building construction deficiencies and the occupation permit should be dealt with in 2016.
Issue currently is the operational budget, Alberta Infrastructure ensures that the day to day operating funding should be in place. This is operational dollars is to ensure the heat and electricity is on. This does not mean there will be desks, computers, chairs and other operational equipment will be in place by 2016 as there were no monies in the Provincial Budget to Culture.
Tours of TVGP 2016 It is unlikely that Tours will commence for the operating season of 2016, as the infrastructure- desks, computers, and other day to day operational equipment has not be approved at this point. Even if TVOS has the capacity for tourism staffing for the 2016 season it is unlikely that the Culture would be able to open due to short fall.
a) Reasons for changing from the 2015 model- (agreement)
b) Alberta Culture operating Budget TVGP
c) New agreement required-
d) TVOS role in 2016
e) Fundraising Timing
The previous agreements which were supplied to the Society, will no longer suffice- the master agreement, and subsequent agreement will no longer be vetted through the Alberta Culture Legal Department, but new agreements will be required to meet the needs of Culture and the Society. Before that comes to fruition, the society needs to do a couple of tasks:
• What is the intent and mandate of the Turner Valley Oilfields Society
• What is the capacity in skill level and in financial level to support the day to day tour operations
• Is the project/tours a pilot project, or long term commitment- this is important as the department will have limited funding opportunities to ensure adequate staff requirements for the plant site.
• Does TVOS have the personnel on the board/staff to run an operation such as annual tours- 5-7 days per week?
Canada 150 grant: opportunity to apply for program specific celebration for the 150 Celebration of Canada- To be worked on next meeting.
Park Idea/Observation point: The Turner Valley Golf and Country Club, and Town of Turner Valley are looking at pathway development and an idea of having a observation point with benches and such across from the TVGP may be a good idea. Needs exploration
History Info: Donation of previous board development and operating plans as well as a map have been donated to the TVOS archives.
Glenbow Museum- Archives, Artifacts and TVOS records:
Motion: To donate applicable TVOS minutes and records to Glenbow Archives-
Moved Jim McCreary
Seconded David Finch
A work team of TVOS members and Glenbow archivists will be contacting Rick Green for a mutually agreed upon time which the work team will go through TVOS boxes stored at the TVGP and determine what needs to go to Glenbow archives and what should stay with the Society.
Membership List: Updated- Secretary will send out to member s who request

Next meeting, November 24 2015 3. Pm Sheep River Library

2015 AGM

Turner Valley Oilfield Society Annual General Meeting,
15 September 2015
7 pm at the Sheep River Library

In Attendance: List attached

Due to the absence of the Chair, Earl Martin;
Meeting called to order by Vice Chairperson Joy Hinman

Meeting called to order at 7:02

Approval of the Agenda:
Motion to approve Larry Kapusta

Approval of the Minutes of November 17, 2014:
Motion to approve: Jim McCreary

Report from the Chair
Earl Martin Chair was absent, so Report from the Chair (attached) was read out by Vice Chair Joy Hinman
Motion to approve: Sharlene Brown

Treasurers Report
Annual Financial report for the year end July 01, 2014 to June 30, 2015
Presented by Sharlene Brown
Motion to approve: Doug Cass

Society updates
Comments were provided regarding the negotiations between the Society and Alberta Culture for a collaborative working agreement so that Turner Valley Oilfields Society will work in partnership for tours at the Turner Valley Gas Plant. Agreement needs to be completed prior to December 01,2015 so as to be executed by April 01, 2016.
Permits from the Town of Turner Valley need to be applied for prior operating tours at the TVGP, anticipated that should not be a problem.
Turner Valley Oilfield Society became a member of the Historical Society of Alberta.
TVOS has received a donation of a “linewalker” shack by the Hart family.

Glenbow tour: Chair Earl Martin and Secretary/Treasurer Sharlene Brown accompanied by historian David Finch had an opportunity to tour the library and archives of the Glenbow Museum with Doug Cass. As the society has accumulated various types of documents, photos, and equipment which it is unable to stored effectively.
Motion: That Turner Valley Oilfields Society contact the Glenbow Museum to review documents, photos and various other types of collections and donate these said materials the Glenbow Museum.
Moved: Larry Kapusta

Hells Half Acres Website- the website owned and operated by TVOS. Webmaster Helmut Mosher suggested that it needs to be updated, with new photos, reports and news.
Process for placing information on website clarified- items circulated through Board of Directors, and then to webmaster for posting.

Presentation: David Finch presented a visit to Britannia Mine Museum, maybe could be used as a model for future operations for the Society.

Presentation: The Calgary Foundation’s Mick Mulloy discussed the possibility of the TVOS applying to the Calgary Foundation to operate itself, employ people, and other costs. The Community Grants funding process is available to the TVOS as a possible source of funding. Charitable status is required, applying is also important – even at the same time as TVOS. Mick discussed the process involved in making the application.

Al and Larry want to be on committee along with David and others as well as Mick Mulloy

Helmut discussed merchandise for sale. He wants to buy a new TVOS polo shirt, ball cap and other ideas. Swag discussion continued at the next meeting. Helmut will look for pricing for these items.

David Finch noted that the Office Building construction is now substantially completed.

Don Patterson of the Western Wheel was in attendance at the AGM of the TVOS this year.

Election of officers:
- Chair – Earl Martin by acclamation
- Vice-Chair – Joy Hinman by acclamation
- Secretary – Sharlene Brown by acclamation
- Treasurer – Larry Kapusta by acclamation

2015/2016 Signing authorities to
Chair Earl Martin,
Secretary Sharlene Brown
Treasurer Larry Kapusta.
Motion: That Turner Valley Oilfields Society apply for on line banking services for the General Account.
Moved Larry Kapusta
Seconded by Donna Elkow-Nash.

Next regular meeting of the TVOS is 3 pm October 27, 2015.
Moved by Al Lambert

Meeting adjourned at 8:02.
Moved Donna Elko-Nash

100th Anniversary OIL DISCOVERY ERA!
May 14, 2014 in Turner Valley!


  • TOURS of the Plant start at 10am.
  • ENTERTAINMENT in the Big Tent from 2:30-3:00pm and 4:00-6:00pm

    Next Meeting is on a Tuesday,
    probably at the High Country Lodge.

    Hear reports of the past year and plans for the future
    months as we head towards the 100 year Anniversary of
    Dingman #1 -- on May 14, 2014 at the Turner Valley
    Gas Plant.

    Invitation for tea on
    May 14, 2014
    to celebrate the 100th Anniversary
    of the first oil well in Alberta

    TVOS Minutes March 04 2014
    In Attendance: Chair Sandra Farr Jones, Vice Chair Diane Rosvold,
    Sharlene Brown, Jim McCreary, Joy Hinman,

    Play update
    Tea update
    Herald Piece
    June Danforth letter
    Report from Mayor Tuck:
    Celebration update

    Accept the minutes of the previous meeting: Not Availale

    Treasurers Report: NA

    Times of Shows as per the Playwright:
    Wednesday 5 pm,
    Friday 7.30pm,
    Sunday 3 pm

    As it is the desire for the Society to host a sponsored Dinner theatre on Friday May 16th,
    Diane will seek funding, and caterers for this to happen.
    At the Big government meeting there was suggested interest by representatives of Oil and Gas industry.
    Ticket Prices will be set at 25.00 each, more for dinner theatre.
    Discussion on photo for advertising processing approved in principal.

    Tea update: will be serving Strawberry Shortcake- Sandra will organize the bakers
    Diane R will do the strawberries.
    Posters will be dispersed by Jim M
    Cost for Valley Neighbours Club 50.00 fee for clean up.
    Jim will contact Joy with all the information, as Joy is first point of contact for the Tea.

    Herald Piece: Joy will be point of contact for the Calgary Herald article on the Plant Site.
    June Danforth Letter re copywrite: The Turner Valley Oilfields Society has been given full authority to own the copywrite of Light of the Flare as per the signed letter of the remaining authors of the Light of the Flare.

    Report from Mayor Tuck: the province is not helping in anything at the site.

    The Play update by Sharlene Brown
    Flare and Derrick Hall in Turner Valley needs follow up to ensure proper booking dates. The date which need to be booked are May 10 to 17 inclusive.

    Grant application for facility reduction needs to be completed- Sandra

    If a presentation to TV council is needed, Jim M and Sandra FJ will be presenting on our behalf.

    Motion: That TVOS moves ahead with the production schedule and move ahead with the production and direction of Centennial,
    The production written and directed by Sharon Pollock and we will raise monies via donations, grants, and various other means to fundraise. Joy Hinman- unanimously carried.

    The production of Centennial will be held in conjunction with the provincial celebration of the TV Gas Plant on May 14th, 2014

    Centennial Tea: a formal tea will be organized by the members of TVOS to be held in conjunction with the May 14 2014 celebration. Book the Valley Neighbours Club from noon – 2.30pm. The tea will be donation based. Cake Tea and coffee will be served. Music by Tom??

    Invitation to the Celebration list: Dianne sent in invites which were request via the Provincial Government, Joy was to add some of those names as well- list of the venerable old friends needs to be supplied.
    Sandra will do letter to editor or press release regarding the play.
    In the Light of the Flares: copyright issue.
    Joy will be researching contacts with the Light of the Flare to request to use first 250 pages for some sort of memorabilia of the Centennial, as per David Finches request.
    Adjourn 9.12 pm

    Annual General Meeting
    November 28, 2013
    High Country Lodge

    Present: Sandra Farr-Jones
    Barb Froud
    Sharlene Brown
    Diane Rosvold
    Kelly Tuck
    Margaret Newby
    Maxine Buechert
    Earl Martin
    Marg. Straub
    Maureen Nelson
    Joy Hinman
    Brian Duclos
    Mick Mulloy

    Meeting called to order by Sandra.
    Agenda: Sharlene move to accepted agenda with additions to New Business. Carried.
    Minutes: 2012 AGM minutes accepted as circulated. Moved by Sharlene. Carried.
    Treasurer’s Report: Accepted as presented. Moved by Marj. Carried.
    Old Business: All dealt with.
    New Business:
    1. Joy - we need a list of local invitees for May 14, 2014 celebrations. Kelly is sending list to government dept. and will co-ordinate with Sandra.

    2. David Finch suggestion via email of reproducing part of “In the Light of the Flares” for re-sale.
    Item tabled for further consideration.

    Sandra left the meeting. Sharlene now in chair.

    3. Election of Officers: Sandra will continue in 2014 as chair.
    Vice Chair: Diane Rosvold
    Secretary: Sharlene Brown
    Treasurer: Barb Froud (with proviso - this is absolutely the last year)
    All officers acclaimed.

    Motion by Mike to thank the Board for their services. 2nd by Maureen. Carried.

    4. Auditing Books: Maureen will check with Jim Lawton - accountant for cost, etc. and report to next regular meeting. Moved by Joy 2nd by Sharlene. Carried.

    5. 2014 celebrations: Kelly advises that Katherine Whalley will appoint an Event Co-ordinator some time in January 2014. She will need a list of any volunteers to send to her. Further discussion of TVOS planned events. Sharon Pollock has January 15 contract date for completion of draft of play. Discussion of production.

    6. We should try to hire Allan Boss of Okotoks Performing Arts Centre for $1,000.00 to produce play.
    Moved by Joy, 2nd by Maxine. Carried. Sandra to call Sharon to arrange this.

    7. Bar U ranch historic site has contacted Sharlene regarding borrowing artefacts from us for their 2014 Dingman #1 anniversary display. Discussion.
    Sharlene to invite whoever they want to send to our next meeting to discuss what they want to borrow.

    Meeting adjourned at 11:07am.
    Moved by Barb. Carried.

    Next regular meeting will be JANUARY 14, 2014 at 7:30pm at the Lodge.

    Respectfully submitted by
    Diane Rosvold

    APRIL 29, 2013
    Called to order at 7:35pm
    Sandra Farr-Jones, Chair
    Sharlene Brown, Vice Chair
    Barb Froud,  Treasurer
    Diane Rosvold, Secretary
    Marj Straub
    Maxine Bueckert
    Jim McCreary
    Joy Hinman
    David Finch
    Mick Mulloy
    Brian Duclous
    Introduction of David’s guests
    Agenda:  items added 
    Maxine - 	museum
    Sharlene - school play production
       Home Oil donation
    Joy - Town of Turner Valley new logo
    Marj motion to approve agenda, 
    second Sharlene. Carried
    Approval of Minutes:  
    Moved by Sharlene, second by Joy. Carried
    Treasurer’s Report:  
    Covers October, 2012 to March, 2013.  
    Motion to approve as submitted. Moved by Marj, 
    seconded by Joy. Carried.
    Barb has 3 letters from people wishing to be involved 
    in the oral history.
    Report from the Chair:
    Sandra has contacted the high school drama teacher, but nothing firm yet.  
    Also emailed other local writers but no response.  
    Further discussion of the centennial play project brought out 
    other suggestions.  
    Using oral history tapes to base the story line on (Sharlene).  
    David F. knows a woman who would transcribe at an hourly rate. 
    Sandra also described the idea from the Rosebud theatre of 
    their quilting play.
    Business Arising:
    1.  Doug Lonsdale has agreed to drive his antique truck in the parade again 
    and to carry the derrick.  Jim will check to make sure signs and 
    banner are available.  
    Jim will be the passenger to represent TVOS.
    2.  Oral history.  Marj and Maxine will interview each other.  
    One interview has been done by Joy.  Now we have other volunteers 
    to be interviewed as per the recent 
    3.  The TVOS owned painting that hung in the old town office 
    is hanging in the new town office location.  
    Sandra picked up Maxine’s picture from the town and returned 
    it to Maxine.
    Maxine described location of Mercury plant and community to 
    the guests. Jim pointed out that there is no way to sign 
    the location.
    New Business:
    Joy- article in Western Wheel describing the new “branding” 
    of  Town of Turner Valley.  
    The fact that it gets rid of the derrick logo is upsetting.
    Maxine would like to see the oilfield history on display not 
    shut away in storage at 
    the Plant.  We need our own museum.
    Sharlene would like to know if there is a way to find out 
    if the AB government is going to do something.
    David F. and Ian Clark did a tour of the Plant last month 
    for a historical group from 
    Calgary, so there is still interest in seeing the Plant.
    Discussion of how to draw attention now to May 14, 2014 and 
    what we should do. 
    Moved by Joy, seconded by Barb. Carried.  
    TVOS should plan a DISCOVERY TEA PARTY for 2014.
    David F. suggested media announcement on May 14, 2013 for 2014.  
    Barb and Sharlene could write a press release. David knows 
    who to talk to at CBC.  
    Barb would be point of contact by email, also Diane R. would help out.
    Sharlene suggested that TVOS have a table at parade day fair at the 
    Flare & Derrick to sell our extra books and advertise the tea 
    party with tea bags attached to our derrick imprinted card.  
    Cost of table?  Card - 1000, 500 tea bags.  
    Help to staple these together, when? 
    Moved by Marj, seconded by Maxine. Carried. 
    Sharlene has been contacted by Don Ward of the Home Oil social club, 
    they will donate another 30 copies of the “Treasure Seekers:…..” , 
    and more pictures.  He will deliver to Black Diamond town office.
    Sharlene thanked David for coming and bringing guests.
    Barb moved meeting adjourned at 8:50pm
    Respectfully submitted by
    Diane Rosvold, secretary
    Please report any errors or omissions.


    MINUTES OF MAY 18, 2012

    Sandra Farr-Jones,
    Jim McCreary,
    Joy Hinman,
    Marj Straub,
    Diane Rosvold

    Meeting called to order at 7:35p.

    Agenda approved. Moved by Marj. Carried.

    Minutes of last meeting approved. Moved by Joy. Carried.

    No financial report.

    Old Business:
    Joy reported Mr. Landsdale will lend small truck with sides to carry the
    derrick in the parade. Truck will be available a few days before the parade.

    Discussion on banner for truck.
    What it should say: “Dingman Discovery 1914 Celebrate 100 years in 2014”.
    Joy to order signs & banner. Jim will recheck at Plant for old signs
    and banner and see Mr. Landsdale.

    Discussion: Who to drive, who to ride in? Sandra will ask
    Jim Deacon & wife. Joy suggests Garry Rowntree.

    Discussion re: Murray Knowler volunteer offer.
    Pictures at Lodge, Longview pub, TV library, Griffiths Centre.
    Diane to respond to offer that TVOS will get back to him with
    more details after the parade.

    New Business:
    Response to meeting with TV council. Sandra and anyone else who
    can will attend. Some ideas to share were discussed.
    Meeting is on June 5@7pm. This will be the TVOS June meeting,
    cancel June 12 meeting.

    Oral History: Discussion regarding who to interview.
    Each member should do 1 or 2 people. Sandra suggests Maxine to
    talk to Mercury people. Ask Dan Ens if he has people to interview.

    Town of TV move: Painting in Town council chambers.
    Sharlene will see if this can go to the Library.
    Archives to move to Plant?
    Diane to check on boxes available.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm



    PRESENT: Sandra Farr-Jones, Barb Froud, Sharlene Brown, Jim McCreary, Marj Straub, Maxine, Joy, Maureen, Diane

    Agenda with an addition from Joy. Carried.
    Minutes of March 13. Moved accepted by Joy. Carried.
    No treasurer’s report.

    Business Arising:

    Sandra sent email letter to Turner Valley Administration that TVOS would be represented at the meeting on May 7 at 6:30pm. Executive should attend and any other members who are interested. Make a presentation to invite a counsellor again.

    Thank you letter to Dianne Osberg and Sharlene for arranging and hanging TVOS photo display for Library anniversary celebration. Diane R. to do this.

    Discussion re: Maxine’s Mercury Plant picture. We should get this copied. See below.

    One of our visitors at the library Murray Knowler, suggested that we should have these pictures all photographed and catalogued, and preserved digitally. ln case of a fire or theft, we would at least have a record of them. At first Murray thought he might be able to do it, but, he was talking with two other men – Jack Tonnellier, who lives on Roberts Street in Turner Valley, and Yon Wong, ( 933-3992) who lives in Black Diamond. Mr. Tonnellier is a retired man, who lost his wife last year. He wants to be busy. He has just finished doing a photo history of his families – digitally.
    Jack T. heard about the TVOS project, and would like to do it for us. Yon knows him, and is more experienced with scanning and digital photography, and has offered to help Jack Tonnellier if he needs any additional help. We have an offer, but we need to make a decision (motion) and then get back to them, and accept the offer, if that is what TVOS wants to do.

    Sharlene suggested we need these men to come to a meeting and make a presentation as to costs to cover supplies, what is involved, when would they do it and what would be done. Moved by Joy TVOS thank them and suggest meeting. Carried. Diane to write letter?

    Expenses for parade: Moved by Barb. Carried. Purchase 2 magnetic signs and 1 banner from Signs and Such, if previous ones cannot be found. Joy to call Mr. Landsdale to see if they were left in his truck and also to ask about using truck again.

    Moved by Maxine, 2nd Jim Carried. To pay framing invoices.
    Oral history:
    Maureen and Joy will talk to some interested people at the Lodge, especially Marj Straub.

    New Business:

    Jim has formulated a question for the candidates forum and was persuaded to present it himself.
    “As you are aware, the Turner Valley Gas Plant is a Provincial and National historic site. We think that the continued development to open the site to the public will benefit the area and the Province. The 100th anniversary of the discovery well, Dingman #1 is 2014. Could we please have your thoughts on this?”
    Discussion: to invite the local MLA to a meeting after the election.

    Ideas to bring to meeting with Turner Valley council for 2014 celebrations: Historic vehicles parade, car show, people in costume of the time. Video production. H.S. drama club devise a play and present it. Parade Day theme for T.V., B.D. Longview 100th anniversary of Dingman #1. Homecoming - partner with Lions club for campground and cooking facilities. This would include all of current communities in Turner Valley Field. Merchandise? Advertising?

    Joy brought some artifacts that were received at the Turner Valley Town office. Diane to write thank you letter.
    Maxine has 4 photos to see about getting them copied. Other items taken by Sharlene to library cubby.

    Secretary to send out notice of next meeting 10 days prior.




    Turner Valley Oilfield Society
    Minutes of March 13, 2012

    Present: Sharlene Brown, Marj Straubb, Maxine Buekert, Joy Hinman and Barb Froud

    Meeting called to order by Sharlene at 7:46pm

    No formal agenda discussion regarding what we plan to stir up interest

    We all need to be on the same page, need to listen to what Turner Valley has to say.

    $13 million has been put into the budget for the plant. See Okotoks Western Wheel
    article of February 22, 2012 as well as Joy's followup article 2 weeks later.

    Need to send Turner Valley our minutes and cc them on any letters regarding the plant

    Moved by Joy to invite Turner Valley council to participate with a representative on the Turner Valley Oilfield Society, carried. Joy's motion to be included in the letter. Joy would like to see the letter prior to it being sent to the town.

    Do we want to send an article to the Gateway Gazette and Western Wheel to announce the oral history program?

    Suggested that maybe we should do something like an art history walk - photographic history at the library. Sharlene will speak with the chair, maybe we could have a donation jar? We would need to ask about that. It would be nice to send out well crafted invitations to people like the Petroleum Club.

    FYI - there has been a tour at the plant for grade 2 students.

    Need to send thank you to Ian for him coming to our meeting.

    Need to put something together for the upcoming parades - Black Diamond, Okotoks and Longview. Joy will contact Doug Langsdel for the truck and see if a trailer is available.
    Need 2 magnet signs and a couple of banners

    Does Turner Valley have a truck and trailer that we could use. Sharlene will speak with Kelly about this. Sharlene will write letter to council Barb will put it on letterhead

    With the provinical election being called we need to find out from all parties if they are willing to have the gas plant remain a priority. All parties to get the same letter.

    If we send letters to John Barlow and Danielle Smith we need to make sure we cc the Town of Turner Valley.

    Moved by Jim to approve the mintues of February 7, 2012 with the amendment of the Treasurer's Report dates being Sept 2011 - Dec 2011 and Jan 2012, carried

    Meeting adjourned 8:42 pm
    Next meeting April 17th
    7:30 pm
    High Country Lodge, Black Diamond
    Notice to go out to everyone as a reminder 10 days ahead of time


    Turner Valley Oilfield Society
    Meeting of February 7, 2012

    By Barb Froud in Turner Valley Oilfield Society

    High Country Lodge

    Black Diamond, AB

    Present: Sandra Farr-Jones, Joy Hinman, Barb Froud, Sharlene Brown, Maxine Buekert, Marj Straub, Sharon Hart (BD alternative rep), Jim McCreary, Diane Rosvold.

    Guest: Ian Clark, Directors of Southern Operation. Culture and Community Services. Government of Alberta

    Meeting called to order by Sandra (chair) at 7:40pm

    Approval of abbreviated agenda. Carried

    Approval of minutes from November meeting, moved by Sharlene. Carried

    Approval of Treasurer’s report as submitted by Barb. Carried


    Letter from Town of Turner Valley. Sandra will address this.

    Response from minister Klimchuck. Significance clarified by Ian.

    New Business:

    Presentation by Ian Clark

    Discussion, regarding TVOS to continue with low-key lobbying efforts on behalf of Interpretive centre.

    Oral history committee: Sharlene, Joy, Diane

    Joy has a preliminary interview on record with the Danforths. This was a test and she asked Barb to copy from stick to disc or another stick so the original can be returned. This subcommittee will continue their efforts.

    Next meeting TUESDAY, MARCH 13, 2012, 7:30PM AT THE LODGE

    Meeting adjourned by Sandra at 9:30pm. Carried

    Please report any errors or omissions at the next meeting.

    Diane Rosvold



    Turner Valley Oilfield Society
    Minutes of November 17, 2011

    By Barb Froud in Turner Valley Oilfield Society

    High Country Lodge

    Meeting called to order at 7: 35pm

    Present: Sandra Farr-Jones, Jim McCreary, Marj Straub, Maxine Buekert, Joy Hinman, BD council rep. Jim Deacon, Diane Rosvold

    Moved by Joy to approve Agenda with the following additions: Joy on donation, Sharlene’s letter to Ian Clark, Sandra on Conoco Philips. Carried.

    Marj moved to approve minutes of September 12 with the following correction:

    Sandra and Sharlene to find out if Conoco Phillips and Legacy Oil and Gas are willing to work with the provincial government on a P3 solution for the plant site.



    Valley Gas door. Town of TV would pick this up, but we could only take it if the piece of pipe was also removed. Jim McCreary to check on this.

    Sandra re: pictures at Longview Bar. Jim Deacon will look into this and cost out copying.

    Red Kennedy interview disc at Library and in cubby. List of what is currently in cubby from Joy.


    November 17, 2011

    1 box trifold TVOS Brochures & business-size cards (Designed by Maureen Nelson & Sharlene Brown.)

    3 sets Red Kennedy interview, by David Finch. 3 CD’s to each set.( Originals at Glenbow Archives.)

    1 set of 6 audio cassette tapes “Roughnecks,Wildcats and Doodlebugs.” Produced by CKUA

    1 CD disk of “Roughnecks, Wildcats and Doodlebugs” (probably audio CD)

    1 cassette tape “Turner Valley ‘78”

    2 cassette tapes – unknown content

    1 VHS (video tape) “TURNER VALLEY”

    1 VHS (video tape) “TURNER VALLEY, THE STORY OF OIL”

    3 VHS (video tapes) “HELL’S HALF ACRE”

    2 VHS tapes (on Fujifilm tape. (unknown content)

    1 DVD disk “THE STORY OF OIL”


    2 micro floppy disks 3.5” square – for an old computer. (unknown contents)

    Oral history project: Diane, Sharlene & Joy need to schedule a meeting and report to next board meeting.

    Mercury Plant: Maxine has no more meetings scheduled. Discussion.


    New member Dan not here tonight.

    Facebook site ok.

    Conoco Philips - Sandra can’t ask for money from them until government program and financing firmed up.

    4 pictures donated by Joanne & Graham Waldenburg of Calgary, Alberta

    Joy to find out about authenticity and putting them into new frames.

    Jim McCreary suggested Johnny McKay might have some more pictures.

    Jim brought VHS and tapes Roughnecks, Wildcats and Doodle bugs to put into Library cubby.

    Joy to put into cubby manual of Historic Sites and Museums Collection Policy 2009. (See above for complete list).

    Sharlene sent letter to Ian Clark on Nov. 7, 2011 Ian called Jim on Nov. 16 to tell him there would be a meeting with the government within 6 weeks. So interpretive centre might be going ahead.

    A suggestion to use the old post office building was discussed. Jason Spicer owns this, would like to make a presentation, would cost $500/month. Can’t do this right now.

    Sharlene can’t come to meetings on the 3rd week of the month. We will schedule meetings for the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Next meeting January 10, 2012, tentative, subject to change.

    Sandra adjourned the meeting at 8:50pm

    Respectively submitted by

    Diane Rosvold



    Turner Valley Oilfield Society
    Annual General Meeting
    October 17, 2011

    Black Diamond Town Office

    Present: Sandra Farr-Jones, Jim McCreary, Barb Froud, Joy Hinman, Maxine Bueckert, Diane Rosvold

    Meeting called to order at 7:40pm

    Moved by Joy to approve the Agenda as presented, carried.

    Moved by Jim to approve the Minutes of the September 23, 2010 Annual General Meeting, carried.

    Moved by Barb to approve Financial Statements as presented. She will send the copies to the appropriate provincial and federal society agencies. Carried.

    Update from the Chair
    -During the past year we have transcripts of the oral history tapes from the Glenbow archives through Joy, who also got digital copies of the Red Kennedy tapes a copy of which is in the Sheep River Library available for loan. The Cubby’s in the Library are in use for these copies. Joy let us know that it costs $12 to copy each of the original tapes.
    - The Home Oil Ladies group has disbanded and donated $2,900 and 17 pictures to the Oilfield Society. Thirteen of these pictures are hanging in the Lodge. Sharlene to locate the other 4. All will need to be added to inventory.
    - Objectives for 2012 include:
    1. Obtaining oral histories from local residents.
    2. Try to contact those who have moved away. People who might know are Bob Dennis, Dick Toews, June Danforth.
    3. Contact new Minister of Culture and Community Spirit, Heather Klimchuk.
    4. Work on a program of shared funding, P3, private, public (government) partnership.
    Moved by Barb to approve the Chair’s report as presented.

    New Business:
    Moved by Sandra that we change the meeting date back to the 3rd Thursday of the Month. Carried.
    Election of officers: Slate to remain the same as Jim has already handed back Treasurer to Barb Froud. Chair: Sandra Farr-Jones, Vice-Chair: Sharlene Brown, Secretary: Diane Rosvold, Treasurer: Barb Froud,. Bank authority the same.

    Old Business:
    Tile is up in the Library, looks very pretty
    Auditor is finished.
    Jim McCreary tapes/VHS?
    History project?
    Maxine re: work with Mecury Plant Ladies? We need a definite plan to do something before she will approach them. More here?

    Moved by Barb meeting adjourned at 8:35pm
    No BD councillor available to lock up unless we leave now.




    Turner Valley Oilfield Society

    Minutes of Sept 12, 2011

    Present: Sandra Farr Jones, Marj Straub, Maxine Bueckert, Jim McCreary, Joy Hinman, Barb Froud

    Meeting called to order by Sandra at 7:30PM

    Moved by Jim to approve the agenda as amended with the following:

    remove Introduction of guests

    Under old business

    a) change Kelly Tuck to Business Arising

    add f) 2004 Town of Turner Valley letter

    Under New business

    add g) sign removal


    Moved by Marj to adopt the minutes of July 11, 2011 as presented, carried

    Moved by Jim to adopt the treasurers report from June to August 2011 as presented, carried

    Barb advised that Shirley Campbell will be one of the people to review the

    Turner Valley Oilfield Society Financial records for 2010


    August 2011 Letter to Sheep River Library with the donation of the 3 CD disks on Red Kennedy's interview with David Finch that accompanied the donation

    Message sent to Conoco Phillips requesting a form to request funding from them has been sent waiting for the person responsible to return from holidays

    AAAP Insurance letter received regarding Turner Valley Council Committees ? take to Sharlene for input

    Sandra sent a letter to Bob Dennis to acknowledge the Kent Meter that he donated to us and not the province. Government has picked it up and is storing

    Old Business:

    Business Arising:

    Valley Gas Door ? Jim doesn't know if Randy has picked up, he will check

    Need to check with Sharlene to see if thank you went out to Noreen Chambers

    Sandra has not done anything with pictures at Longview bar

    Workshop ? check with Sharlene

    Centennial ? speak with Kelly at the next meeting

    Library Update

    Donation ? 1 copy of the 3 CD disk interview of Alfred “Red” Kennedy by David Finch has been given to the library

    Cubby has been set up in there are the business cards and brochures along with

    other 3 CD disk interviews of Red Kennedy and a note book of what has been included and signed out

    Oral History ? Although Joy, Sharlene and Diane were unable to get together over the summer booklets have been prepared, questions are ready as well as the release. Joy to contact Sharlene about the fellow from the Eagle that is interested in the work

    Mercury Plant ? The Mercury group has been unable to get together in September. Maxine will be bringing them up to speed on information. Maxine would like to see a museum in the downtown area. Barb advised her that if the building has been closed and it becomes a change of use we would have to bring that building up to code as a public building. We need to consider that if we do do something it might give the province the opportunity to not do anything more at the plant site.

    Sharlene did some checking on the use of the basement at Black Diamond town office which might have been available for 6 months but there would have to be a councilor there every time it was open and didn't feel that that was possible. Old Post office in Black Diamond is also available for $700 per month. Downey property on main street is also available. Maxine to find out if Conoco Phillips and Legacy Oil and Gas are willing to work with the provincial government to see if a P3 solution could be possible for the plant site

    Books Shirley Campbell from the town is willing to be one of the two people to do the review of the books. Barb delivered to her today.

    New Business:

    Facebook Site: Barb advised that we have a facebook site that you can become a member just log onto your page and in the search put in Turner Valley Oilfields Society, ask to be a member and Barb will confirm you. At the present time we have 19 members some old residents from the area that live elsewhere now but are interested in what is going on, also members from the US just interested.

    New Member Dan Enns is interested in being a member. He is especially interested in the history project and is willing to help find financing for the interpretive center from the insurance industry that deals with oil and gas as well as personal. Dan has already sent in his membership and fees.

    Space for artifact costs ? no $ requirement for use of cubbies but they would except if we did send them something and be thankful

    Change of focus for TVOS ? if we were to develop a museum somewhere other than on the plant site we would possibly need to change our objectives in the bylaws as they are specific to the plant site.

    Grants We can access grants like community spirit but it would need to be when we have something together where we needed a grant

    TV Letter of 2004 Joy came across a letter from the Town of Turner Valley from 2004 to the Minister of Alberta Community Development where the residents were encouraging the provincial government to address the is issues for the reclamation of the plant site and was wondering if it was time that something similar goes out to the residents to do the same for the interpretive center construction. Suggested to bring forward to Kelly at our AGM

    Moved by Sandra that Barb and Richard Froud be given a $100 dinner gift certificate for somewhere of their choice for all the time that Barb puts in extra carried

    Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM

    Next meeting AGM October 17, 2011

    Black Diamond Town offfice


    Reminder that all of our meetings to be the 2nd Monday of each month.

    Turner Valley Oilfield Society
    Minutes of July 11, 2011

    Present: Jim McCreary, Joy Hinman, Marj Straubb, Maxine Breckert, Norma Ronesch, Sandra Farr Jones, Sharlene Brown and Barb Froud

    Meeting called to order by chair Sandra Farr Jones at 7:40 pm

    Moved by Barb to approve the minutes of April 18, 2011 as presented, carried unanimously

    Discussion regarding the net loss per month from Joy's question. Barb advised that we brought in deposit interest for $1.10 and had to pay for website hosting for $34.85 leaving a loss for the month for $33.75. Barb advised that most months are a lost, we need to find a way to bring in money on a monthly basis. Moved by Sharlene to approve the treasurer's reports for March, April and May 2011 as presented, carried unanimously.

    Mercury Plant – Maxine advised that the road is presently owned by Marie Deval. She would prefer not to put the sign on her property to stop any possible liability. We do have the possible option of putting the sign up with the historical school program that the province is now undertaking. Maxine will take the information to the Maxine ladies group and see what they think they would like to see happen. We could probably apply for grants to help come up with the funds of approximately $15,000 to cover the cost of the sign. We do have connections to make the sign happen with the school program

    Sharlene went to visit Noreen Chambers today July 11, 2011 from the Home Oil Historical Society and returned with 15-20 framed pictures. She advised that they also have reel to reel films that were offered to us as well and a home oil employee directory she will be sending to us which could help us with the oral history.

    Sharlene also returned with a bank draft from them for $2915.65 as they closed down their society in May of 2011 and felt that we should have the funds. Need to send out a thank you to them to:

    Noreen Chambers, 1718 – 25A St SW, Calgary, AB. Barb to check with government to see how to handle the donation seeing that the home oil historical society no longer exists. Might be an idea to put some of the pictures that we just received from Home Oil here at the lodge, also at the library and possibly the hospital. Sharlene will check on the lodge tomorrow. Pictures to be labeled Property of Turner Valley Oilfield Society – Donated by Home Oil Historical Society July 11, 2011 Reference # HO01 - HO20

    Valley Gas Door – Jim has asked Randy from the Town of Turner Valley to pick up the door. The new owner had previously stated that he would store it for us if we picked up the pipe in trade. Jim will follow up with this.

    Library Cubbies – These are not very big. Joy has the key at the moment. We could put the reel to reel tapes in there for safe keeping. They are asking for an annual donation. Joy to ask what other groups are offering for a donation. We will decide on this in September

    Sandra feels that we should probably inquire if we could make copies of the pictures that are on display at the Longview Bar

    Kennedy Tapes have been copied, Barb supplied 4 copies of each of the 3 tapes. One set to go to the Library for their use. Joy will take to the library and put the rest in the cubbies. Jim will meet with Joy at the Library to put the copies of the tapes that he has at home in the cubby. Joy to see if the library will control our key and have a sign out so we don't need to make more copies.

    Donation Receipts – For cash donations

    As pictures re donations

    Turner Valley Oilfield Society

    July 11, 2011 – Page 2

    For in kind donations the above plus the following:

    As picture re donation 2

    Barb also advised that if we have in kind donations of time we would have to pay the donor and by their choice they would have to return what we paid then we could give them a receipt for the donation.

    Sharlene suggested that maybe we should attend a workshop on the subject that the government does in the rural area.

    We need to make up a receipt template for everyone to have a copy of.

    Oral History – Basic form for interview and permission forms ready.

    Sharlene has had contact with Charlie Brown from AM 1140 who is interested in doing interviews on his show. He is willing to help out with sound and recording equipment. Sharlene feels that we should be ready to go for September. Once everything is well organized Joy is prepared to go back to the high school to see if a couple of students would like to take on the oral history as a project


    Received a reply from the Town of Turner Valley regarding our letter of April 27, 2011 where in it Mayor Tuck responds to the question of no councilor from Turner Valley sitting on the Oilfields Society explaining that in 2009, Mr. Glen Pittman did an Organizational Analysis of Turner Valley and advised them that the number of committees and boards that the council participated in was excessive. Council considered the effectiveness, burn-out factors and future attraction of the best qualified people to run for council and through the process eliminated representation on this committee as well as others.

    2014 Centennial question – Council has contacted Minister Blackett and they will be sending a delegation to Edmonton to discuss the Centennial with him. Sharlene will speak with Mayor Tuck to see if there is any further information on the meeting with the minister.

    Regarding the Derrick – Mayor Tuck advised that it is now back in its place in council chambers. She also advises that the smaller replica is stored at the Forestry Building and all of the historic photographs are being reframed and will be hung as a story wall in the town office.

    Sharlene and Sandra to discuss and sort out what needs to be done for the AGM in September and advise at our next meeting.

    Moved by Sandra to adjourn meeting at 8:30pm

    Reminder that all of our meetings to be the 2nd Monday of each month.

    Next meeting September 12, 2011

    7:30 pm

    High Country Lodge Library

    Turner Valley Oilfield Society
    Minutes of meeting
    April 18, 2011

    Present: Sandra Farr-Jones, Chair
    Diane Rosvold, sect.
    Barb Froud, Treas.
    Jim McCreary
    Sharlene Brown
    Marj Straub
    Joy Hinman
    Maxine Breckert
    Sharon Hart, Town of BD rep.

    Moved by Joy to approve the agenda with the following additions:
    1 Home Hardware building rental
    2 Cubbys at Library
    3 Carried.

    Moved by Barb that the minutes be adopted as presented. Carried.
    Treasurer's report tabled to next meeting.

    Old Business:
    1 Artifacts for Library. Jo has returned to us a list of items they would be interested in displaying. The items can be viewed on the website, but not listed under the same numbers. Board has approved this loan providing the Library can produce an insurance rider to cover. Sharlene to check this out.
    2 Items are in storage on the Plant site and a key is available at the Town of Turner Valley office. The Library has not responded to the question of the derrick model.

    2 Oral history. Diane submitted a draft for discussion. Joy played a portion of the Red Kennedy interview from the original oral history project done by David Finch. Sharlene has spoken to David Finch and he would be happy to assist with question process. Joy to find out from Glenbow the cost of copying all tapes to disc for TVOS use. Barb will burn CD copies of the interviews Joy has already obtained from the Glenbow. She will get the discs from Sharlene who will be reimbursed. These can be distributed to interested parties for listening. One set to be given to the Library for their grand opening. Sign up sheet and contact person for distributing loaned out discs. Moved by Joy that Barb make 5 copies. Carried.
    4 STACS. Still a problem. Sharlene has not yet spoken to Phil Cadman.
    6 Sandra brought up possibility of using the old Home Hardware building for storage and a display, museum. Discussion. Because the building is for sale and could be sold at any time it is not feasible to move everything there, set up, then have to dismantle and move out again. Barb to see if she can find out who owns it and the likelihood of some arrangement.

    5 Mercury Plant. Maxine has landowner's name and number, but calls are not being returned.
    6 She hopes to begin fund raising and TVOS will set up a separate bank account for these donations. Sharlene provided grant applications to Maxine. Sharlene will talk to MD about signage as the site is off the road and should be indicated. Maxine also noted that the MD has begun a project to mark all old schools Sharlene to find out where the funding is coming from, might be of use to TVOS.

    6 Development plans for the Plant. Sharlene spoke to this by email after the TVOGG open house on Thursday, April 14. This excerpt is included here, also Barry Williamson's comments and proposal.
    8 Our mandate of the TVOS is to have the Interpretative centre at the TV Gas Plant. Recently we have articles in the Calgary Herald, the Town of Turner Valley (Barry Williamson) is in support of establishing and show casing the gas plant and letters from the Town have been forwarded to the ministers office.

    I was speaking with briefly about the grand plans of TVOS and the 2014 celebration (hopefully) with the attendees of the show case this evening and maybe we could solicited assistance with letters and input from the companies working in and around our area.

    Can we please add to the agenda hosting a meeting (not at the lodge) with invited guest of these particular organizations, possible with Alberta Historic Resources in attendance as well to establish an official lobbying plan to have the TV gas plant development plan recognized by the Alberta Government and a move ahead direction to have the plant site re-opened in some form for the 2014 celebration of Dingman 1 and 2.
    thanks for listening

    The TVOGG Open House was very well attended the other evening and for this area is very encouraging in terms of turn-out and the interest taken by the public...allowing for the free beef on a bun!

    The idea of engaging the oil and gas community to rally around the TVGP initiative is somewhat already in progress, and is equally somewhat dependent on the Alberta Culture and Community Spirit Ministry making a go forward commitment on the development plan before a meaningful and credible request can be tailored to the oil and gas community. Having said that, I support the idea of TVOS adding to their agenda the role they wish to play in planning for the 2014 centennial celebrations and Sharlene's comments about the oil and gas interest/support.
    The Town of Turner Valley is also in the planning process for the centennial celebrations, and recognize that a first step in that plan was to write a letter to the Minister to ascertain direction and position by them such that a reasonable celebration plan can be started with them as a major stakeholder who need to play a leading role?
    For clarity, I was at the TVGP tours yesterday, and the first tour was really only the Calgary reporter and David Finch, as it was originally designed for the oil and gas community only without the media...this led to a second and separate tour with the oil and gas group from TVOGG.
    Both the mktg rep from ACCS and myself did interviews with the reporter while the other tour proceeded without us - both of us making a case for TVGP as "open for tours" by 2014 and the value to the area?.
    Some final comments around the idea of the centennial celebrations and the role of the oil and gas community as it relates to the TVGP, ...suggest that we look to coordinate our efforts between TVOS, TV, ACCS and TVOGG to better understand what is already in play, get status updates on other initiatives and then align a common initiative.
    In this capacity, suggest that after TVOS have had their mtg, they look to form a delegation which can be added to the next TVOGG agenda to present your thinking and get feedback at that time from the industry members and ACCS who is a sitting member, and the other municipalities that are represented on TVOGG?
    If interested and agree, the next TVOGG mtg is scheduled for May 17 at the TV Fire hall, and runs from 8am to 10am...we can place you at the front of the agenda?

    Discussion followed and it was decided that Sharlene, Maureen and maybe others would attend the meeting on May 17th to find out how we can all work together to accomplish our goal by 2014.
    8. Town of Turner Valley Rep. In order for someone from Council to attend TVOS meetings, the date would have to be the 2nd Monday of the month so as not to interfere with their council meetings. This is agreeable to Sharlene and Sharon who have BD council dates to worry about, and also to the rest of the board.

    8. Diamond Valley Parade entry. Moved by Barb that Joy to contact Mr. Londsdowne for antique truck and look for the magnetic sign which might be in her attic. The parade is June 5 and Marj, Jim and Joy would ride in the truck. Carried.

    9. Sandra to send letter to Town of Turner Valley asking for representation.

    Meeting adjourned at 9pm by Sandra

    Next meeting
    Monday, June 13
    at the Lodge Library

    Please communicate any errors or omissions at your earliest convenience.

    Respectfully submitted by
    Diane Rosvold




    Turner Valley Oilfield Society
    Meeting of March 14, 2011
    High Country Lodge Library

    Present: Sharlene Brown, acting chair. Marj Straubb, Barb Froud, Jim McCreary, Florence Denning, Norma Roenisch, Maxine Buechert, Heather Pfeil, Gerald Pheil, Henrietta Macgregor MacKenzie, Diane Rosvold secretary.

    Meeting called to order by Sharlene at 7:30pm.

    Agenda move approved as presented by Diane, all in favour.

    Minutes of last meeting moved as presented by Diane, all in favour.

    Moved by Marj treasurers prepared statements be accepted. Carried.

    Old Business

    1. The Sheep River Library has requested the use of some of our artifacts for a display shelf in the new building. Discussion.

    Resolved that Sharlene send our inventory list to Diane Osberg, Library Board Chair, for perusal. If there is anything they are interested in using we will have further discussion and decide what will suit their purpose.

    2. Oral history questions have not been provided as yet. Diane R. agreed to submit a preliminary list of 20 questions for discussion by the board members as soon as possible. Also we will need a proper release form, recording equipment, a solicitation form and an interviewer.

    3. Stacs: This was a company that apparently held many items in storage belonging to the Society. This company no longer exists. Sharlene will continue to pursue this problem with Phil Cadman who is the last known link.

    Real Storage: Barb has provided a list of charges for using this facility. Charlene is concerned about any additional expense this would involve as the Society has no cash flow.

    The Library has offered some cubby space, but this would be wholly insufficient for our current needs.

    4. Mercury Plant Marker: Marj and Maxine are continuing to work on this and have obtained more information about the access road and current land ownership around this area. Sharlene will look into any available grants for this project. Further discussion for this ongoing project. Barb agreed to search out the letter of support from the Oilfield Society to the Little Chicago historic site group.

    5. Development plans for the Plant: Jim McCreary says there have been no further meetings in the past 3 months and none are currently scheduled.

    6. Sandra has sent a letter to Town of Turner Valley council requesting representation from them to our Board and asking about their future plans for the derrick model. Gerald said the letter could be received and reviewed by Council next Monday.

    No new business.

    Meeting move adjourned by Barb

    Next meeting April 18, 7:30pm
    Turner Valley Lodge Library

    Respectfully submitted by
    Diane Rosvold, secretary

    Please advise of any errors or omissions at your earliest convenience.

    Turner Valley Oilfield Society
    Meeting of February 14, 2011
    High Country Lodge Library

    Present: Sandra Farr Jones, Sharlene Brown, Joy Hinman, Marj Straubb, Maxine Breckert, Barb Froud and Jim McCreary

    Meeting called to order by Sandra at 7:21PM

    Moved by Sharlene to approve the agenda as presented with the following additions under New Business:
    Meeting Night and Time
    Library Storage
    Mercury Plant Marker
    Treasurers Position
    Home Oil

    Moved by Joy to approve the minutes of June 24, 2010 as presented, carried
    How do we get the minutes and agendas to the lodge? Sandra will speak with Michelle about getting
    an email address, otherwise they will have to be mailed.

    Moved by Joy to approve the Treasurer's Report as presented.
    Bank balance as of January 24, 2011 $8991.24
    GIC is at approximately $64,100 as of December 31, 2010 we earned $914.87 in
    interest for 2010, carried.

    Old Business:
    Web Site Update – Pictures are all back up on the site, the descriptions should be up soon.
    Since October 2010 we are still having approximately 35,000 hits per month. For the month of February 2011 we have had 20,856 hits until today.

    Oil History – We need some questions to use for the interviews. A series of open ended questions to be asked of everyone. Once the interviews are completed they would need to be put onto disc. What do we want the final product to look like? Would like there to be access to both Hard Copy of interviews and Original Voice. Sharlene has supplied a list of possible questions from New Zealand as a place to start. Joy will go through the box this week. Joy to email Sharlene once she gets through the information and then call a meeting to get together to get the questions nailed down. Questions need to be completed by February 28, 2011. Sharlene to make up a registration form that includes a permission slip.

    TV School Oilfield History Project – Mr Berrigan is going to start the project after school for the grades 5 and 6 students. Project will be going to Lethbridge in May. He is requesting that someone from our group to speak to the kids. Sharlene and Marj will speak with them on a Tuesday after school. Joy to set up the meeting for either the 1st or 2nd Tuesday of the month and advise Sharlene and Marj.

    Development Plans For Plant – Nothing has changed still waiting for the minister. Barb advised that Pat Lothrop was speaking with Ian Clarke at a Travel Alberta presentation and she asked

    how business could help to move this along. He advised that business send letters to the ministers. The chamber was advised at their meeting of February 9th and said that they would produce a form letter for the businesses to send out.

    Facebook Page – Marj moves that we put up a Facebook page and put info up like the oral history project and support for the development plan of the plant site, carried. Barb to set this up.

    Meeting Night and Time – Meetings to be the second Monday of the month at 7:30pm
    Sharlene to chair the March meeting at the High Country Lodge Library as Sandra will be out of town.

    Calendars – Marj advised that she sold 17 calendars at $10 each

    Library Storage – Sharlene will speak with Diane Osberg regarding renting space at the library.

    Home Oil Club – Barb has been approached by Noreen Chambers the president of the Home Oil Club in Calgary. They are winding up their group at the end of June and are looking to us to take on their Home Oil Framed pictures and copies of The Treasurer Seekers, the story of Home Oil that are presently in her residents. Barb will speak with Diane to see if we could possibly display the pictures at the new library on the walls then get back to Noreen.

    Real Storage Rates – Barb to check on their rates

    Stacks – We should find out how much the bill is going to be to get our stuff out. It has been there since prior to Jim becoming involved.

    Cataloging Info – Joy advised that she has information

    Model Derrick – has been moved down to the plant from the town office. Concerned that
    it could be damaged. Moved by Joy that a letter be sent to the Town of turner Valley thanking them for taking care of it for so long and inquiring when it will be returning to the town office for the enjoyment of the town people and visitors. At the same time suggested that an invitation be given to have a rep come to our meetings and advise them we are working on the oral history for the 100th anniversary in 2014. Sandra to write the letter and Sharlene will edit it, carried.

    Treasurer's Position – moved by Jim that Barb takes back the treasurer's position. Barb agrees, carried.

    Meeting adjourned 8:35pm

    Next meeting March 14, 2011
    High Country Lodge Library

    2010 Annual General Meeting

    Turner Valley Oilfield Society
    September 23, 2010
    Town of Black Diamond Office
    A G E N D A

    Roll Call

    Approval of Agenda

    Approval of Minutes of September 24, 2009

    Approval of Financial Statements

    Update from the Chair

    New Business:
    Special Resolution – Bylaw Changes
    Turner Valley Municipal Heritage Partnership
    Library Tiles
    Bank Authority

    Old Business:
    Global Oil Show
    History Book
    Signs and Bench Project

    Meeting Adjournment